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Erickson Strong Branding

Project Type



July 2023


Erickson Strong (Texas)


Concept, Logo Design

Erickson Strong is a husband–wife duo offering scientific, natural, non-invasive, prescription drug-free health solutions. Together they provide classes and programs promoting lifestyle changes, sell natural products, sell and train medical professionals on FDA-approved medical equipment, and offer long-term wealth counseling. Because their business is so broad and each of them work with a different demographic, they wanted a logo and brand that encompassed the entirety of their offerings and could appeal to stay-at-home moms and medical doctors.

The logomark has many layers of meaning. It depicts a path, representing the journey to health. It's a chain, representing strength and the relationship between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health when it comes to wellness. It is also two droplets and a leaflike shape overall, which pay homage to the essential oils and natural lifestyle they promote. And as a happy bonus, it also has subtle letters E, S, and J, plus the number 5 which represent the initials of the founders and the five pillars of their program.

The color palette expands on the meaning, with the forest green representing nature, wealth, and financial health, as well as yellow for vibrancy, happiness, and vitality of life. While many natural brands use bright greens, and many medical companies opt for blues, Erickson Strong opted for deeper and more mature colors to exude professionalism and luxury and set themselves apart from their competitors.

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