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Our specialty is branding and we do it all: logos and brand development, web design, packaging, and more.


About to dive head-first into the design process? Start with a free consultation so we can get to know each other a bit. Or if you're not ready to fully commit to a design package, schedule a Design Review.

Branding Packages

Custom design should be flexible so that's why we offer 3 customizable packages. Pick your price point, choose your assets, and let's build a brand!

Note—Price includes design services only. Printing, web development, etc. are additional.

Web Design Packages

We specialize in building websites through Wix & Square Up. All of our sites are responsive, fully branded, and all yours—you always have control over the login, permissions, maintenance, and hosting. Pick your package and let's get you online!

Note—Price includes design services only. Web development, SEO, hosting, etc. are additional.

What's Included?

All packages include the same attention and quality, but not the same assets. Learn more about what our different packages include:

Logo pack
Color Palette
Typeface Selection
Style Guide
Sketches of logo concepts

Consultation & Design Research

We start with a video call and a Creative Brief questionnaire to define your needs and goals. Then we delve into research mode to find some inspiration and check what's already been done (especially by your competition). That helps us craft design that's relevant and stands out.

Example of a style guide

Style Guide

A style guide defines a brand and governs how to apply it. It's a composite of your brand colors, fonts, and other elements that are used in brand assets like your website or marketing materials. Sharing your style guide with any marketers, copywriters, designers, or photographers you work with allows them to create assets that are consistent and branded.


Most of our packages include a Basic Style Guide, which is a simple one-page document, but you may upgrade to a Full Style Guide which fully details the intricacies of your brand, visual identity, mission statement, tone of voice, etc.

Marketing materials for a company

Brand Development

A brand goes beyond the logo. Brand development creates a unique library of icons, shapes, textures, patterns, styles, tones, slogans, etc. to infuse recognizable personality in your brand and position you in your industry. We then explore how to implement these brand elements creatively, consistently, and cohesively.

Graphic designer revising a logo

Concepts & Revisions

Concepts are rough, preliminary ideas presented for the sake of picking a design direction and gathering early feedback. Revisions are a review of a near-complete design. By working out major kinks in the concept stage, 1 revision is sufficient for approximately 90% of clients.

Color swatches

Expanded Brand
Color Palette

Your logo may only use 1 or 2 colors, so an expanded color palette provides visual interest and more variety to use across brand assets. You'll receive:

  • A palette of 3–8 coordinating colors

  • Color codes (hex, RGB, and CMYK)

Screenshot of a homepage

Web Design

Websites need to be responsive, meaning they automatically adjust content to fit the viewer's screen size. They also need to be functional no matter where or how viewers interact with them, and they should look great (and on-brand!) while doing all of that. That's where we come in. Plus after designing your site, it's yours and you maintain complete control of it.

A logo design in multiple orientations

Robust Logo Pack

We create flexible logos that work for any application or purpose. All clients get multiple variations including:

  • Multiple lockups (horizontal, vertical, square, etc. orientations)

  • Color variations (full color, black, white, RGB, CMYK, etc.)

  • Image & vector files (.jpg, .png, .svg)

Typeface specimens

Typeface Selection

We expertly pair typefaces (fonts) that are highly readable, visually interesting, on-brand, and uniquely you. Even if your logo is hand drawn and not based on an existing font, you'll get typefaces that perfectly complement it.


Our Mini Style Guide includes only the name of the typeface used in your logo. Our Basic and Full Style Guides include a coordinating set of 2–3 typefaces, names of similar alternates that can be used in emails and other places where font selection is limited, and a list of places to purchase/license your typefaces.

Person typing on a laptop

Editing & Copywriting

Communication and presentation are integral to design, which is why we provide complementary proofreading and simple copywriting. These free services include things like fixing spelling errors, swapping misused hyphens for dashes, ensuring your content makes sense, and writing short copy (like headlines and CTAs) as needed for a particular design. Content writing is a paid add-on that involves writing long-form or researched content (like product descriptions or paragraphs for a brochure).

Web Design
Brand Dev

Custom Projects

Yes, we can probably design that! If you don't want a full branding package or need something totally unique, send us the project details and we'll be in touch with a custom estimate.

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