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BodyGuardz Packaging Concept

Project Type



May 2020

Client / Employer

BodyGuardz (Lehi, UT)


Concept, Design, Template Engineering/Creation

After a rebrand, BodyGuardz wanted to redo (and elevate) their phone case packaging. The old packaging did not adequately show off the product or highlight distinguishing details. The new packaging needed to solve those and work around some difficult parameters—the cases needed to be easily removed for retailers to show buyers, show off all sides of the cases, use minimal plastic, fit many sizes and styles of cases, and show off the new brand.

The finished concept tackled each goal in a unique way. The cases were easily removable via a sliding inner tray. The outer box featured a plastic wraparound window in the shape of their logomark, complete with front and back cutouts to feel the case. Through a feat of engineering, I worked out a way to securely hold the case inside using just paper, AND keep it visually floating inside the box for a total wraparound view of the front, back, and side. Overall it was unique, premium looking, and and eye-catching way to display their product.

Ultimately, while it was ready to go into production, this package design never made it to retailers due to internal design disputes between departments, but the concept is still one that needs to be appreciated.

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