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Evexia Science Branding

Project Type



August 2021


Evexia Science (Provo, UT)


Naming, Concept, Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Photography

Evexia Science is a nutraceutical company that custom formulates natural health products based on solid scientific research. They are different from other nutraceutical companies because they take a pharmacological approach to product design, meaning their products are formulated using proper concentrations, the best delivery/application method, and with expertly paired ingredients that work together synergistically. To emphasize this difference and set them apart, I took their branding in a completely unexpected direction. While most nutraceutical companies have more feminine branding, organic design elements, and pastel colors, I intentionally went with a more masculine, simple, bold, and clinical aesthetic.

The logomark in particular is a simplified representation of a chemical compound, and the perfectly nesting, cyclical arms visually suggest the harmony of nature and science.

To further communicate that Evexia Science products are expertly crafted through painstakingly thorough research, development, and testing phases, I opted to visually position them as a more premium brand with the label design. The cobalt blue bottles, black caps, and black labels with soft touch coating are instantly recognizable as Evexia Science. They are in dramatic contrast to their competitors’ products, and despite being a young company, they are already getting noticed.

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