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Ipso Arts Branding

Project Type



September 2020




Naming, Concept, Logo Design, Branding, Product Design, Package Design, Photography

Ipso Arts is a brand that crafts beautiful, unique, and custom-looking stationery. The logo was hand drawn and designed to feel loose, crafty, and imperfect, which contrasts with the neat and clean typefaces and other elements used in the branding. When combined, all these elements feel like "handmade elevated" which is exactly what Ipso Arts products are. Like proper artwork, the logomark is a simple frame suggesting that Ipso Arts products are more art than throw-away stationery.

The products themselves are largely illustrated by hand before being digitized for production, which creates an interesting balance of imperfect analog and perfect digital. And the packaging combines eco-friendly, craft boxes with smooth white belly band labels for contrasting color and texture.

(For the sake of full disclosure, Ipso Arts is me.)

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